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We care

It's all about research here at Playlist. Founder and owner, Melissa Della Porta, spends countless hours researching, assessing, and sourcing every ingredient that goes into our products. We purchase in bulk and pass the savings on to you! Our suppliers are environmentally conscious, reputable, and provide ingredients for natural cosmetic and skincare companies. 
When we were designing our bath bombs, for example, we very much wanted to be able to sell them naked without any packaging. However, due to the high humidity here in Ontario, we quickly realized that this would not be possible as the bath bombs may activate. Considering this and our promise to offer our customers the highest quality product, we decided to wrap our bombs in polyolefin - a food grade material composed of 100% recyclable materials. We are constantly researching new, eco-friendly materials that come on the market.
The "stuffing" we receive from suppliers is recycled whenever possible. Your order may contain recycled boxes, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap. You can be creative and recycle these items even further with gift wrapping, crafts, etc.
Questions? Concerns? Just ask :) We are happy to help.